Heating with propane can be a cost-effective. But if you want to get even more bang for your energy buck, check out these tips.

Use a Ventilation System
A propane furnace used with fans or blowers as part of a ventilation system can help increase efficiency. A switch-controlled vent system closes when the room reaches a set temperature so you won’t waste propane.
hot_water_header_300Make the Most of Your Water Heater
You heat more than the air in your home. Propane can also help you make your hot water bill go further by using that energy to help heat your home. Used with a propane water heater, radiant heat systems pump heater water through tubes in your flooring. Since heat rises naturally, this system can be much more efficient than a traditional central heating system.
Try a Programmable ThermostatProgrammable-Thermostat
It doesn’t make much sense to pay to heat an empty house. Programmable thermoses let you lower the heat when you’re away to save energy and money. Pair them with an electronic igniter so you won’t waste money continually lighting a pilot light.
Check your Insulation

You’ll get the most out of the air you’re paying to heat if you have enough insulation in your home. You can check it against the U.S. Department of Energy’s guidelines here. While you’re at it, check to ensure windows and other openings of your home and properly sealed to keep warmed air inside where it belongs.

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