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Price Protection

Price Protection

It is impossible to know what propane prices will be this coming season. For that reason, we offer Capped Price Protection as a way for customers to help keep their propane costs under control. Capped Price Protection places a cap on your per-gallon price for the season.

Here’s how it works:

-Protects your price from October 1 until March 31.
-If propane prices increase, your price will not exceed your capped price.
-If propane prices decrease, you get the advantage of the lower price at the time of delivery.
-The enrollment fee varies, please contact us for more information.

To enroll in Capped Price Protection, complete the enrollment form below.

    By clicking submit you acknowledge that price protection is offered to customers who use propane for whole-house heating only. Price protection is offered in good faith to help protect customers during volatile market conditions. Tevis Propane, LLC will make every effort to meet the terms of this offer; however, we will not be responsible if we are unable to fulfill these terms because of circumstances beyond our control. Submitting also acknowledges the Capped Price Protection is an annual plan which renews automatically.