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Delivery Options

Delivery Options

Propane Service You Can Count On Requires A Level Of Personal Attention And Responsiveness That Tevis Propane Has Become Famous For.

Plans Tailored to Fit Your Personal Needs

Locally-Based and Responsive

Courteous Employees Who Share Your Priorities

No Remote Call Centers Or Sub-Contractors

Guaranteed Automatic Delivery with 24/7 Emergency Service

100% Commitment to Safety

Automatic Delivery

Automatic Delivery Is MORE Than A Convenience; It’s An Important Safety Feature Of Your Propane Service.

Automatic Delivery is CONVENIENT. Life gets busy. Checking propane levels can be inconvenient and inaccurate, and can cause homeowners to run out of propane. Let Tevis Propane do it instead! With automatic delivery we accurately schedule your deliveries by monitoring:

· Your Propane Usage History
· How you are currently using propane in your home
· Outdoor Temperatures
· Weather Forecasts

Automatic Delivery helps keep you SAFE. Running out of propane is dangerous for these reasons:

1. If propane is your primary heat source, running out of propane in the winter can put your family and your property at risk. Automatic delivery customers receive anticipated deliveries before bad weather strikes.
2. Accurate monitoring of your propane usage is important in establishing a baseline from which we are able to notice fluctuations in propane usage that may suggest a problem somewhere in your system.

If you run out of propane, a leak check is required to ensure that your propane system is leak free and is safe to operate.

We make thousands of deliveries every year, so you can have complete confidence in Tevis Propane’s automatic propane delivery!

The Power of ECHO Monitoring

Not Too soon, And Never Too Late. ECHO Promises A Propane Delivery For Your Fireplace, Generator, Or Pool Heater That Is Timed Just Right!

When your propane delivery schedule is unpredictable due to sporadic consumption, there is a solution. We tested our first tank monitoring devices in 2011. Since then our customers have loved the ECHO program! Our tank monitor system ensures you never run out of product before your next propane delivery. ECHO sends data regarding your tank level 10 times per month. This includes alerts if the amount of propane falls below a preferred level. The data is sent to Tevis Propane over a landline or cellular phone signal. We are then able to seamlessly adjust your propane delivery schedule to meet your individual needs. No two customers propane consumption is the same. Using the ECHO wireless monitoring system allows us to serve you on an individual basis.

Our standard automatic scheduling systems are great at timing deliveries when propane usage mirrors outdoor temperatures. We are also able to accurately predict the usage of propane for domestic hot water. However, when your tank is used for unpredictable appliances such as fireplaces, generators, or pool heaters, the usage is more difficult to project. ECHO is perfect for these tanks, because it sends us real time data that allows us to serve you more efficiently. ECHO gives you peace of mind; you can be sure you’re covered no matter your usage.

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