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Do you deliver to my area?

We deliver and service propane in Central Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania. For a more detailed list of areas we service see Our Service Area or Contact Us today.

How much propane can I expect to use this winter?

There are many different factors that are unique to each customer when it comes to propane usage. For heating purposes, the size of the house, the average temperate maintained throughout the day, how well the house is and the efficiency of the furnace all affect how much propane is used. For other uses, such as hot water tanks, and cooking stoves, the amount of use and type of heater/stove play a big role. Below is an average yearly usage in gallons for family of four in an average size home.

Appliance Average Yearly Usage (in gallons)
Propane Furnace 1,000
Hot Water Heater250
Propane Fireplace 200
Propane Stove Range 35
Propane Clothes Dryer 20

What is the life expectancy of my underground propane tank?

Propane tanks installed underground have an average life expectancy of 20 to 30 years. Soil type and whether the tank was installed properly are the main factors in determining the tank's life expectancy. To protect your underground tank, we offer Cathodic Protection. To learn more about this visit our Propane System Inspections page.

How do you know when to come fill my tank?

Here at Tevis Propane we have three tools we use to ensure you will not run out of propane.

  1. Degree day – A degree day is a numerical value of how warm or cool the weather is overall. The colder the day the higher the value is.
  2. K-Factor – When you get a delivery, our system records the actual degree day in which your delivery was made. Then at your next delivery our system records the degree day again, but this time it’s also looking back to the previous delivery to see how many degree days have passed between the two deliveries. Our system then divides the number of degree days passed in the time frame by the gallons delivered. This is called a K-Factor.
  3. Echo – When your propane delivery schedule is unpredictable due to your sporadic consumption, there is a solution. Our tank monitor system ensures you never run out of product before you next propane delivery. No two customers propane consumption is the same. Using the ECHO wireless monitoring system allows us to serve you on an individual basis.

What is the difference between leasing and owning a propane tank?

When we install a propane tank at your home, you have a couple options for tank ownership. You can either lease the tank from Tevis Propane, or you can choose to buy-out and own the tank yourself. Leasing the tank is like having an insurance policy on the tank and its regulators. We’ll cover the maintenance costs that naturally occur in the life cycle of a propane tank, including tank recertifications. One year’s lease amount is usually less expensive than one service call on an owned tank. If you decide to own your tank, you can purchase it in full. We will still repair any tank damages, but we will charge for the services, as it is now your tank. Most underground tanks are purchased by the customer. Tank owners must pay to have their tank re qualified 12 years after the manufacture date, and every 5 years after that.

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