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Ensuring Safety: Preparing Your Propane Grill for a Perfect Cookout

26 March 2024 By Katie Forbes
When it comes to hosting a cookout, safety should always be the top priority. One of the essential steps in...

Earth Day with Propane: The Future of Fuel

20 April 2023 By kpurcell
What is Earth Day? According to the National Geographic Society, Earth Day is defined as “An annual celebration that honors...

Tank Installation: Here’s How it Works

07 November 2022 By kpurcell
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What to Expect During a Propane Safety Inspection

28 October 2022 By kpurcell
Performing a regular inspection by a qualified professional is key to keeping your propane system running at peak efficiency. Knowing...

Employee Spotlight – Denise Reed

02 July 2019 By Katie Forbes
Denise has been working for Tevis Propane for 2 years and is responsible for our Hampstead facility and inventory. […]...

Propane – The Feel Good Fuel

23 October 2018 By Katie Forbes
The feel good fuel is propane. Millions of homes use propane to power generators, cook and heat their home. The...

Fall Propane Checklist

17 October 2018 By Katie Forbes
While fall is about football and falling leaves, it also means winter is just around the corner. As the weather...

Heating With Propane Tips

20 February 2018 By tevispropane
Heating with propane can be a cost-effective. But if you want to get even more bang for your energy buck,...

Your RV And Propane

16 February 2018 By tevispropane
Ahh, spring. Time for RV owners to head out on the highway, explore their favorite places and find some new...

Buying A Home With Propane Tips

12 February 2018 By tevispropane
As spring is coming to a close and summer is right around the corner the housing market is booming. If...