As spring is coming to a close and summer is right around the corner the housing market is booming. If you are in the market for a new home, you may be looking at a home that has a propane tank on the property. Your first experiences with propane may be a bit confusing. But don’t worry, a little information is all you need to be comfortable using propane in your home. Here are some tips for the first-time user.

  1. Know if the propane tank is owned or leased. This is important, because if the propane tank on your new property is leased you will need to create an account in your name with that company that owns that tank.
  2. Know your company. Check your tank for a sticker. Contact the company to transfer deliveries to your name. The company will answer any questions you have about the delivery process. If you tank has a Tevis Propane sticker you can contact us here or call 410-469-6386.
  3. Know the smell. It’s important that you are home for the first delivery. The delivery person will teach you what propane smells like. It’s important to be able to detect a leak. We will also go over some safety instructions, including how to react if you smell gas.
  4. Know the basics. The most important thing to know about propane is that it’s safe. Propane tanks do not explode. But in case of a leak, you should never store propane in an enclosed area.
  5. Know your yard. Before your first delivery, inform your company about the location of septic tanks, watering systems, and power lines so they can avoid them.

The previous home owner should be able to tell you if the tank is owned or leased. They should also be able to tell you which company they have been using. If you are in our delivery area and are having trouble getting this information give us a call. We can look up your address history and if we have ever delivered to your tank we can give you this information.

The biggest thing to know about having propane at your new residence is that it is versatile, safe and economically friendly!