Gas Fireplace Service

17-Point Service

17 Point Clean and Service Procedures

  • Vacuum heat exchanger and firebox
  • Remove and inspect glass for cracks; inspect gasket
  • Clean glass
  • Remove and vacuum logs, inspect for cracks and or broken logs
  • Clean and inspect burner, check shutter adjustment for proper setting
  • Clean and inspect burner orifice
  • Clean and inspect thermocouple and thermopile
  • Test ignition and safety controls
  • Check operation of convection blower, if applicable
  • Remove and replace batteries in remote and receiver, if applicable, (batteries extra unless customer supplied)
  • Check wall switch for proper operation, if applicable
  • Clean and inspect pilot orifice for proper flame pattern
  • Check vents termination for blockage
  • Check manifold pressure at valve; adjust, if needed according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Check and inspect all wiring and connections
  • Supply and install any decorative rock wool for maximum visual appearance
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