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Propane service you can always count on requires a level of personal attention and responsiveness that Tevis Propane has become famous for. We are different in these important ways:

  • Locally-based and structured for responsiveness
  • Able to respond quickly to the needs of new and existing customers
  • Courteous employees who listen and share your priorities
  • No remote call centers or sub-contractors. All services performed by Tevis employees.
  • Guaranteed Automatic delivery, with 24/7 emergency service!
  • 100% commitment to safety
  • Highly-trained employees who can respond knowledgably in any situation
  • Respect for your property

Every company promises great service. Few actually deliver.

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"When we bought our house in 1998, [a large national company] provided our propane for cooking, and also owned the two 120 gallon tanks that were here. A few years later, they determined our usage was too small to warrant both tanks. I told them that I sometimes had to switch to the second tank, but they insisted, assuring me they would come more frequently so I would not run out.

Not only did I run out of propane - on Thanksgiving Day –they did not come to fill the tank for several days.

The second time they let me run out, I switched to Tevis Propane. I have been satisfied ever since! I trust Tevis’ Automatic Delivery completely, and also know they would be here immediately if I needed them. I’m paying less too!"

Krista K, New Windsor, MD