Gas Piping & Bonding

We make sure your entire propane heating system keeps your family safe!

A severe thunderstorm can cause serious damage to your home.  But did you know a lightning strike can cause a gas leak in your propane heating system?  That is, if you didn’t use Tevis Propane for your installation.
We use coated Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing (CSST) to carry propane through your home.  To make your system safer, we bond the CSST with copper wire.  Bonding directly connects the propane tubing to your home’s grounding electrode.  In the event of a lighting strike, bonding reduces the risk of an arc forming between your propane tubing and other metal objects.  Such an arc could cause a gas leak by creating a pinhole in the CSST.  We follow the bonding codes prescribed by the National Fire Protection Association to ensure your family’s safety.

If your propane tubing is not bonded or you are not sure, please contact us.