Grill & RV Tanks

Tevis is the place to get your propane grill or R/V tank re-filled or exchanged before your next cookout or camping trip!

Fill or exchange your grill tank at Tevis Home, located at 1616 Hanover Pike in Hampstead.  While you’re there, check out our selection of grills and outdoor living appliances!

Have you been told your grill or RV tank is expired or out of date*?  Tevis Propane is licensed to requalify propane grill and RV tanks (100 lbs and under).  Our charge to perform this quick service while you wait is $8.00, plus the propane fill. We are also happy to exchange any grill or RV tank that is out of date at no additional charge. Read our Blog Post for more information. 

*By law, propane grill tanks that are out of date cannot be filled until they are requalified. For more information see the DOT statement here.

Exchange Tank Locations