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What is Earth Day?

According to the National Geographic Society, Earth Day is defined as “An annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earths natural resources for future generations.”

Environmental Benefits of Propane:

Propane, commonly referred to as Liquified Petroleum or “LP Gas,” is a low-carbon fuel alternative. Propane provides a safe, clean, and versatile energy source for homeowners and businesses.

Safe – In the event of a spill, propane becomes vapor. It dissipates quickly into the atmosphere leaving no contamination in the soil or air.

Clean – In comparison to other fuels, propane produces fewer emissions, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Versatile – Propane powers everything from water heaters/generators, clothes dryers, stoves/cooktops to fireplaces, outdoor appliances and more. Save on energy use!

Propane is paving the way to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Fueling with propane reduces carbon footprints and helps keep our planet safe. Tevis Propane is a local propane supplier in the greater Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania regions. To learn more about our services, talk to an expert today!




When it comes to heating your home, you want the most bang for your buck. Propane is the energy source that many families choose because it’s safe, sustainable, and versatile. With propane comes the process of a tank installation. The questions of how that process works and what’s involved will be discussed in the following.

The first thing is to consider the type of propane tank that will work best for your needs. The underground and aboveground sizes range from 60 to 1,000-gallon tanks. To determine the most appropriate size, click here. If you are unsure about your tank size needs, our site estimator is able to help during the next step.

Next, the site estimator will conduct an evaluation and make necessary recommendations. Once the estimate is completed, a proposal agreement will be sent for signed approval, along with a credit application. When credit passes, the process of obtaining necessary permits will be conducted to do trenching or line work (if applicable).

After the permits are obtained, a “rough in” inspection is requested from the county if necessary. This means that the lines are brought in and laid out for installation. From there, the tank is set, levelled, and thoroughly tested for leaks.

At Tevis Propane, our certified technicians ensure that your experience throughout the tank installation process is safe and satisfactory. Our experts deliver exceptional quality in every project, no matter how unique.

Ready to schedule a tank installation? Click here to learn more.



Performing a regular inspection by a qualified professional is key to keeping your propane system running at peak efficiency. Knowing that your appliances, propane tank, and other components are operating smoothly keeps safety at the forefront and your mind at ease.

What is involved in a propane system inspection?

A propane system inspection is the first line of defense against potential leaks and other serious damage. A propane specialist will perform the following:

    1. Check Safety Controls –

This ensures controls are working efficiently. The expert will notify you of any potential safety concerns.

    1. Leak test of the entire system –

If you suspect a possible leak in your system, the specialist will visually inspect for loose fittings or rust on the tank. The tank will be examined to ensure is in good condition.

    1. Detailed Inspection Report –

After inspection, a comprehensive report is conducted. This covers all inspections performed and includes recommendations to improve the system’s functionality and safety.

    1. Corrective Action Plan –

The propane system’s components regularly require inspection and maintenance to pinpoint potential risks and safety concerns. A corrective action plan is devised to perform the necessary repairs and maintenance.

If you use propane often, consider a periodic propane inspection to avoid the risk of gas leaks and other safety hazards. At Tevis Propane, your safety is our number one priority. Our certified technicians will perform a Total Propane System Analysis, and, if approved, ensure necessary repairs and replacements are made. A regular system inspection helps tackle small problems before they become big ones. For more information, click here.

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