What is Earth Day?

According to the National Geographic Society, Earth Day is defined as “An annual celebration that honors the achievements of the environmental movement and raises awareness of the need to protect Earths natural resources for future generations.”

Environmental Benefits of Propane:

Propane, commonly referred to as Liquified Petroleum or “LP Gas,” is a low-carbon fuel alternative. Propane provides a safe, clean, and versatile energy source for homeowners and businesses.

Safe – In the event of a spill, propane becomes vapor. It dissipates quickly into the atmosphere leaving no contamination in the soil or air.

Clean – In comparison to other fuels, propane produces fewer emissions, resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

Versatile – Propane powers everything from water heaters/generators, clothes dryers, stoves/cooktops to fireplaces, outdoor appliances and more. Save on energy use!

Propane is paving the way to a cleaner, more sustainable environment. Fueling with propane reduces carbon footprints and helps keep our planet safe. Tevis Propane is a local propane supplier in the greater Maryland and Southern Pennsylvania regions. To learn more about our services, talk to an expert today!