While fall is about football and falling leaves, it also means winter is just around the corner. As the weather changes, it’s the perfect time to make sure you are ready for the winter season. Here are some things to do before the first real cold snap.

  • Check your propane levels

The first thing you need to do is to make sure you have enough propane to get through the fall and winter. If your tank is getting low, now is the time to order propane. Don’t wait until the weather turns bitterly cold!

  • Check your heating system

You probably haven’t turned on your heat since last winter, and who knows what shape you system is in today. The fall is a great time to have your heating system checked by a professional to ensure it’s clean and working properly.

  • Let us know if you have a new appliance

Have you been working hard on your home this year? If you have added an new or additional propane appliance, please let us know. This ensures that your deliveries remain accurate!

  • Review propane safety

It is important to make sure everyone in your household knows what propane smells like and has a plan in case of a leak. Additional propane safety information can be found here.

Have questions or need to order propane? Contact us today!