Your Propane Tank and Snow

January 11th, 2017 by Tevis Propane

Snow! Whether you look forward to it all year, or you could do without, it’s a fact of life for the mid-Atlantic. Snow can be dangerous for your propane tank if you don’t follow a few simple safety precautions.

  1. Mark your tank with a brightly colored flag or other marker that can be seen after heavy snowfalls. If unmarked, your tank could be hit by a plow, car or snow shovel which can cause damaged to your tank and leaks.
  2. Clear any snow from your propane tank. This can help prevent accidents by making your tank more visible. Be sure to use a broom or other soft tool. Using a shovel could puncture your tank.Your Propane Tank in the Snow
  3. Clear a path to your tank. After snowfall, it may be second nature to shovel your driveway, but don’t forget about the propane tank in your yard. Clearing a path makes it easier for your delivery driver to deliver your propane without wading through the snow. You won’t miss a delivery because your tank isn’t shoveled but it isn’t easy to drag the hose through snow.
  4. Check your propane levels, especially before a snowstorm. If your levels are a quarter tank or lower, contact us for a delivery to ensure you have enough propane to get you through the storm.

Follow these simple steps to protect your propane tank from the snow. And stay safe and worm, no matter how much it snows.

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