Winterize Your Home!

September 25th, 2014 by Tevis Propane

Before long the leaves will start to turn all kinds of wonderful reds, and oranges, and browns.  In fact, peak fall foliage for this region is forecasted for mid-October, only a couple weeks away!  Take it as a signal from Mother Nature to start getting ready for heating season.

We suggest looking for ways to conserve this winter.  Winterizing your home with little and not-so-little projects will help you save some serious money in the end.

  1. Make sure windows and doors are airtight.  If they aren’t, consider caulking areas that can be caulked.  For cracks that can’t be sealed shut, think about buying door and window sweeps to block out cold air (there’s some pretty cute ones out there, so you can even use them to add some personality to your home).
  2. Insulate the attic.  We all learned in grade school that heat rises, so the most likely place to lose heat in your home, is through the roof.  Pad the attic with at least 12” of insulation to keep heat from escaping.
  3. Schedule your annual furnace tune-up.  Don’t wait until the first cold night to turn on your furnace; if it’s not working properly, it’s not a very good night’s sleep.  Call Modern Comfort Systems for a tune-up to ensure your furnace is running at peak efficiency.
  4. Ducts, Ducts, Goose.  If not properly insulated, ducts can lose up to 60% of heated air.  That’s a lot of money gone to waste.  If you think your ducts aren’t insulated correctly, call a professional to do the insulation.
  5. Storm Doors and Windows.  Adding an extra layer against the barrage of winter wind can cost-effectively keep temperatures inside much more cozy.
  6. Switch it into Reverse.  Reversing your ceiling fan is something that many homeowners forget to do in the winter.  But a reversed, slow-moving fan can help circulate warm air throughout the room.
  7. Insulate yourself. Dress warm!  The best way to make sure you’re comfortable this winter is to dress the part.  Sweaters and warm socks allow you to keep the thermostat turned down a couple degrees, saving big over the course of a winter!

We hope these tips have jump-started your fall, and we look forward to serving you this winter!  Until then, enjoy the fall colors, pumpkin-flavored everything, and postseason baseball!

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