What do I do if my pilot light goes out?

August 25th, 2015 by Tevis Propane

Good question! Many propane appliances have a pilot light which isa small, constantly burning flame inside the appliance. It is used to ignite a main burner when needed and an important safety feature. If your appliance doesn’t have a pilot light, it probably has an electronic ignition instead.

There are lots of reasons a plot light can go out – a strong draft, interruption of fuel, appliance malfunction – to name a few. But if your pilot light goes out repeatedly, or is very difficult to light, it may be telling you that there is a problem with the appliance or with your propane system. If this is the case, contact Tevis Propane or a qualified appliance service technician to inspect your equipment and assess the problem. Serious injuries can occur when trying to fix a pilot light problem on your own.

With that warning given, if you want to try restarting your pilot light, here are some guidelines for your safety. And this is definitely one of those times you will want to think before you act!

  • Know the smell of propane, and sniff at floor level before lighting a pilot. If you smell gas, DO NOT LIGHT THE PILOT. call a certified technician immediately.
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions and warnings for your appliance before you start. These are often found on or attached to your appliance.
  • Don’t try to light pilot lights in an area where other odors may mask the smell of a propane leak.
  • If the appliance is in an enclosed space, ventilate the area thoroughly before lighting the pilot. Open doors and windows if possible.
  • Don’t smoke or have any open flames or spark-producing materials in the area.
  • Use only your hands to operate knobs, switches, and buttons. Hand tools are tempting but can cause damage that may lead to a leak.
  • Never apply oil to sticky gas control valve knobs or buttons. Oil can become gummy with time and cause the mechanism to stick and malfunction.
  • Keep others out of the room, especially children.

Propane is a very safe and versatile source of energy, but as with any type of fuel, there are steps you need to take to ensure your safety.  Check out our Tevis Propane Safety page for tips from the Propane Education and Research Council (PERC).

Tevis is 100% committed to your safety with guaranteed emergency service 24/7.

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Source: http://www.1st-propane.com/consumer/safety_tech.php#LightingPilotLights

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