They say my grill tank is expired. What are my options?

May 19th, 2015 by Tevis Propane

With grilling season coming into full swing, it’s likely you may have to refill your propane cylinder at some point. And when you do, you should know that by law, once a propane tank is 12 years old it cannot be refilled without certain steps being taken. You have two options: you can buy a new tank, or if your old one is in good shape, you can have it inspected and requalified. The same is true for your larger 60-gallon and 120-gallon tanks. All must conform to U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) safety standards found in the Code of Federal Regulations. Once a tank is inspected and requalified by an authorized professional, it can be used for another 5 years before requalifying again.

How old is my tank?Grill Tank Requalification

Here’s how to tell the age of your tank. Look at the collar of your cylinder and you’ll see several sets of letters and numbers. The only one you’ll need is the manufacturing date. It will be month and year, like this: 02-03 for February 2003. Since we’re now in 2015, look carefully at the date of any tank manufactured in 2003 as it may need requalifying. In case you’re curious about the other numbers on the collar, in addition to the serial number of the tank, you’ll also see WC (water content) which indicates how much the tank would weigh if filled with water, and TW (tare weight) the weight of the tank when it is completely empty.

How do I Requalify My Tank?

Requalifying must be done by an authorized holder of a Requalifier Identification Number (RIN). The requalifier will inspect your cylinder for corrosion and rust or pitting, as this often occurs on the bottom of the container. They will also look for bulges, dents, cracks and damage to the collar or surface of the tank. And they’ll check for any leakage at the valve or pressure relief device. If the tank passes inspection, the necessary documentation is prepared for the DOT, and the collar is then stamped with the new RIN number and the expiration date. Sometimes a sticker is affixed to the tank with this information instead.

Tevis Home & Propane is authorized by the DOT to inspect and requalify all of your DOT propane tanks. We refill, exchange, inspect and requalify your grilling tanks at our Tevis Home Store 1618 N. Main St. Hampstead. For more information on our grill & RV tank fills click here (please hyperlink to Or stop in and see us, we are open 6 days a week (please hyperlink to for your convenience.

Tevis cares about your safety and takes the headache out of requalifying your cylinder so you can continue to enjoy those sizzling dogs and burgers with peace of mind!

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