Propane Winter Outlook 2014-15

September 25th, 2014 by Tevis Propane

After a brutal winter and cool summer, many customers are wondering what this winter of 2014-15 will bring.  In answering this, let’s first take a look back at the factors that caused last year’s propane shortage.

  1. Frigid Temperatures.  Last winter was one of the coldest we’ve had in recent memory.  It was the same all over the country with freezing temperatures dipping deep into the Southeast.  Propane customers everywhere were using more gas to heat their homes, increasing demand even further.
  2. Transportation Challenges.  The cold was one thing, but the blizzards and ice storms that crippled various parts of the country was quite another.  This made it difficult to quickly transport propane from storage facilities to where it was needed.
  3. Grain Drying.  In the fall, farmers need propane for grain drying.  It’s a fast and relatively cheap way for farmers to dry their crops during harvest.  This is not a new practice, but because of a wet summer in the Midwest, farmers’ demand for propane was much higher than normal.

The combination of factors that caused a propane shortage in much of the US last year was highly unusual.  While this scenario is unlikely to repeat this year, propane suppliers are still increasing production to higher levels than ever before.  Mother Nature is unpredictable and we never pretend to know what weather is coming next.

On September 22nd, Ohio Representative, Bob Latta, introduced the Propane Supply and Security Act.  This legislation will seek to address the causes of last winter’s propane shortage.  It seeks to better track propane supplies, so shortages will be forecasted more accurately and shipments can be prioritized in emergencies.

During last year’s propane shortages, Tevis worked extremely hard to keep our propane prices as low as possible.  Meanwhile, we made sure whole-house heat customers never ran out of propane.  Rest assured, no matter what happens this winter, we won’t let you run out of propane.  We’ve taken steps this summer to ensure we have the sufficient propane gallons to cover your heating needs.  We look forward to serving you this winter, and we appreciate your continued trust in us!

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