Propane Buying Options

June 2nd, 2015 by Tevis Propane

If you have a home heated with propane you are likely familiar with some key terms that are used in the industry. Automatic delivery, will-call, fixed pricing or capped pricing to name a few. You may find it difficult to understand the differences in the heating oil jargon, especially fixed and capped pricing.

Capped and fixed pricing are a very important part of the consumer’s decision each heating season. Below is a brief explanation of each.

Fixed Pricing: Sometimes called a “price-lock” or “locked pricing”, a fixed price is set by the propane supplier and customers are offered the fixed price for a given period of time, or number of gallons. This price will not go up or down during the contract period regardless of the market price.

Capped Pricing: A cap price is set by the propane supplier and customers are offered the guarantee that their propane cost will not exceed that the cap price throughout their pricing period. And if the market propane price is less than the cap, the customer will be charged the lower of the two prices.

Cap vs Fixes Prices

With both options savings are not guaranteed. Each has the potential to work well in specific market conditions, which cannot be predicted before the heating season begins. What may save you money one season may not save you money next season. Actual savings begin after you have recouped the enrollment fee.

At Tevis Propane we are costumer focused and want what is best for you. We feel that capped pricing is a way to protect our customers from escalating propane costs, while still benefitting them when prices drop. We guarantee that you will not be charged more than our current market price at the time of your delivery. We offer all of our customers the TLC Price Protection options. If you have questions or would like a price for the upcoming heating season give us a call at 410-239-3900 or contact us here.

Propane is one of the cleanest and most versatile energy sources available to homeowners today! Whether you already use propane or are thinking about adding propane to your home, Tevis Propane is the company area homeowners trust most for reliable and responsive propane service.

We provide propane deliverypropane tank installationfireplacesroom heaters and much more. We service Adams, Baltimore, Carroll, Frederick, Howard & York counties. We look forward to helping you enjoy the many benefits propane has to offer!

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