Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

June 17th, 2014 by Tevis Propane

The square footage of your home should not be limited to the space under your roof.  Consider the benefits of your outdoor living space, as well.  According to NAPS,

an increasing number of homeowners are discovering that the comforts of home are no longer confined to indoor space. Fresh air, places to gather, and room for play outdoors are high on the list of must-have amenities. In fact, a recent survey by ‘Better Homes and Gardens’ revealed that 68 percent of homeowners consider outdoor living areas a top priority

We believe people who spend time outdoors are happy people.  And we’re not the only ones!  According to Harvard Medical School, “spending time outdoors reaps important health benefits, boosting vitamin D, reducing stress, and enhancing your overall mood.”  That explains why so many people flock to the ocean or hike the great outdoors for summer vacations.  But you don’t need to drive or fly miles and miles away to savor the sun and fresh air.  Your outdoor living space can host all kinds of activities for you and your family.

Dining outside is one way to expand your square footage beyond the walls.  During Maryland summers, the evenings are often comfortable enough to eat a meal outdoors, and who doesn’t love a meal that’s been prepared on the grill?  Grilling is another way to swap time indoors for outdoor fun.  Check out our supply of grill accessories, sauces, and spices at Tevis Home in Hampstead for all the gadgets and flavors you need to earn the title: grillmaster.

Unfortunately, it can’t always be summer, but don’t let the calendar push you back indoors.  Expand your summer from spring through fall by warming your outdoor living space with propane!  Tevis Home provides a great selection of patio heaters, fire pits, and outdoor fireplaces to keep you and your guests comfortably warm, while enjoying a blanket of stars!  View our products here or visit Tevis Home along Business Route 30 in Hampstead to see our selection.

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