How Much Propane Will I Use This Winter?

November 1st, 2016 by Tevis Propane

The colder weather is kicking in and you have turned on your furnace for the first time. Are you new to your propane heated home, or trying to budget for this winter? A common question is – how much propane will I use this winter?

It is safe to say that no one will be running their appliances at 100% all day long. In order to calculate your usage for the winter (and the summer) months the below chart can help.

50% Capacity for 18 hours39.6 Gallons/Day277.2 Gallons/Week
75% Capacity for 6 hours19.8 Gallons/Day138.6 Gallons/Week
75% Capacity for 12 hours39.6 Gallons/Day277.2 Gallons/Week
25% Capacity for 12 hours13.2 Gallons/Day92.4 Gallons/Week
25% Capacity for 18 hours19.8 Gallons/Day138.6 Gallons/Week

The winter months bring more usage of all energy sources. You may have your heat on low and have dinner in the oven for an hour, then give your child a hot bath, while doing a couple loads of laundry. Let’s call this 50% of your capacity. If this is an average day of usage for your, you regularly use about 39.6 gallons of propane over an 18-hour day, or 277 gallons a week. Compare that to about 7.2 gallons over 6 hours a day in the summer. By using the above chart you can estimate your capacity used, and then figure out your gallons per week.

Propane 101 has more in-depth information and example for both the winter and summer months if you are still scratching your head.

And if this is all too confusing to you and you need help estimating the amount of propane you’ll use based on your home size, number of appliance and the number of people in your home, give us a call. We have a representative that would love to help you!

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