Tank Inspection and Protection Plan

Your Tank vs. Nature

Nature can be cruel. In fact, the biggest risk to your underground propane tank is electrolysis, which occurs in the ground naturally and causes metal tanks to corrode over time.

The speed at which a steel tank corrodes depends on soil composition and the presence of magnesium anodes, which are typically installed with the tank, but can also be added afterwards.

Because magnesium is more conductive than steel, the soil interacts with the anode instead of the tank. As a result, the anodes corrode and need to be replaced periodically.

Out of sight, but not out of mind…

If tank corrosion goes unchecked, the tank will eventually fail, causing safety concerns. For this reason, federal and state regulations now require that tank owners have their propane tanks inspected periodically by a certified propane professional.

Tevis Propane has you covered!

We offer two Safety Inspection Plans (Basic and Full Coverage) to ensure that your propane tank remains in good condition and meets government regulations. All tank services are performed by certified Tevis Propane technicians, and we never sub-contract any of our propane services. Your safety, satisfaction, and trust are our highest priorities!
  • Tank replacement discounts require continuous enrollment in both Tevis Propane automatic delivery and the Full Tank Coverage Plan.
  • Tevis Propane reserves the right to deny enrollment in Full Tank Coverage for tanks with pre-existing damage.
  • Propane delivery from suppliers other than Tevis may result in cancellation of either plan.

Inspection Plans

Basic Tank Inspection

Full Tank Coverage

Annual fee (Can be included in CMP)
Collect and report anode readings
Inspect outdoor regulator and vent
Replace any of the following parts, if missing: relief valve cap, gauge dial, vent screen, and fill cap
Clean and inspect dome lid, retouch any chipped paint, and replace any missing safety stickers
Comprehensive report of tank condition
Free anode replacement if voltage readings are not within protection thresholds ($260 value per anode)
Discounted tank replacement cost in the event of tank failure due to corrosion (Discount is based on length of plan enrollment)1 year = 10% 2 years = 25% 3 years = 50%
4 years = 75% 5+ years = 100%
Download our Tank Safety Inspection Plan Form