Tank Installation Process

Phase 1: Proposal

  1. Contact us and schedule an appointment with an estimator who will conduct an on-site evaluation of your propane needs and make recommendations.
  2. A detailed proposal covering all aspects of the work to be completed is printed and presented to you at the conclusion of your appointment
  3. Sign and return your proposal (within 45 days), along with any required deposit and credit application.
  4. Upon receipt of your signed proposal, we will call to schedule your work.

Phase 2: Permits Acquired & Work Started

  1. Necessary county permits are applied for and paid by Tevis.
  2. Field work is completed to a “rough-in” status.
  3. A “rough-in” inspection is requested by Tevis, usually for the next business day, unless otherwise requested. (The homeowner or their representative must be present during the county inspection.)
  4. County inspector checks the rough-in work.
  5. The homeowner is requested to contact us with inspection results immediately upon its completion. In the rare event of a failed inspection, the inspector will usually contact Tevis directly to discuss his or her findings. Tevis will respond quickly to make all the adjustments required by the inspector, and the inspection process is repeated.
  6. Phase 3 will begin upon a passed inspection.

Phase 3: Final Inspections, Start-Up, and Safety Checks

  1. If an appliance dealer other than Tevis Propane is installing your propane appliance, we schedule the final “hook-up” when notified that they have completed their work.
  2. Tevis completes their portion of the tank installations and performs leak and gas safety checks on the entire system.
  3. Tevis reviews the results of the safety checks with the homeowner, explains how the system works, and reviews propane delivery options. Safety information is left with the customer regarding proper propane use.
  4. Tevis schedules the final county inspection. The homeowner or their representative must be present for the county inspection.
  5. In the rare event that the final inspection does not pass, Tevis will respond quickly to make all adjustments required by the inspector, and the final inspection process is repeated.
  6. When the county inspection is passed, the process is complete and the installation job is finished (but not the relationship that we’ve built with you). We hope to serve your propane needs for many years to come!

Inspection Disclaimer

Tevis can schedule the inspection for a particular day but not a specific time. If the homeowner calls the inspection office between 7:00 and 8:00 AM on the day of the appointment, the inspector might give an approximate time. They are not required to do so.