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Leasing or Owning Your Propane Tank

When we install a propane tank at your home, you have a couple options for tank ownership.  You can either lease the tank from Tevis Propane, or you can choose to buy-out and own the tank yourself. What is the difference of leasing or owning your propane tank?


Leasing the tank is like having an insurance policy on the tank and its regulators.  We’ll cover the maintenance costs that naturally occur in the life cycle of a propane tank, including tank recertifications.  One year’s lease amount is usually less expensive than one service call on an owned tank. 


If you decide to own your tank, you can purchase it in full.  We will still repair any tank damages, but we will charge for the services, as it is now your tank.  Most underground tanks are purchased by the customer.  Tank owners must pay to have their tank requalified 12 years after the manufacture date, and every 5 years after that.

Please contact us with any questions about tank ownership.  We would be happy to discuss your options and help you make your decision with confidence!