• Propane Winter Outlook 2014-15

    After a brutal winter and cool summer, many customers are wondering what this winter of 2014-15 will bring.  In answering this, let’s first take a look back at the factors that caused last year’s propane shortage. Frigid Temperatures.  Last winter was one of the coldest we’ve had in recent memory.  It was the same all […]

  • Winterize Your Home!

    Before long the leaves will start to turn all kinds of wonderful reds, and oranges, and browns.  In fact, peak fall foliage for this region is forecasted for mid-October, only a couple weeks away!  Take it as a signal from Mother Nature to start getting ready for heating season. We suggest looking for ways to […]

  • Cost Effective Energy Upgrades

    Propane: Most Cost-Effective Energy Upgrades With rising energy costs across all markets, many homeowners are looking for ways to cut back on their energy bills.  Propane can help.  A study from Maryland-based Newport Partners LLC lists the most cost-effective energy upgrades.  Propane plays a vital role in several. According to the study, “a consistent performer […]

  • Maximize Your Outdoor Living Space

    The square footage of your home should not be limited to the space under your roof.  Consider the benefits of your outdoor living space, as well.  According to NAPS, We believe people who spend time outdoors are happy people.  And we’re not the only ones!  According to Harvard Medical School, “spending time outdoors reaps important health […]

  • Grill Safety Ignites Your Summer

    The following article from NAPS details the importance of grill safety!  We hope everyone finds the opportunity to get outside and grill this summer!  Enjoy! (NAPS) — Grilling is one of America’s favorite pastimes and a popular summer activity in backyards across the country. More than 60 percent of American households will cook kabobs, fresh vegetables, […]

  • Patio Heaters Expand Your Summer!

    After multiple bouts of cabin fever this winter, we’re more than a little eager to pack up Monopoly and head outside. There’s just one problem. This time of year, warm afternoons put us in a summertime mood, then let us down with chilly evenings… unless you have the power of propane! Tevis Propane’s Hampstead showroom carries everything […]

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