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Propane Generator

Blackout. Grab your flashlight and…? How about you just sit back and relax instead. There’s no need to lose a refrigerator full of food, or TV time either for that matter. A propane generator can power all your lights and appliances until the electricity’s back. They come in two types – portable and stationary – both with a wide range of wattage capacities.

Stationary models are installed permanently outside your home by an electrician and will start automatically when you lose power. The auto-start feature can be very handy if you’re away from home when the power goes out. You’ll want to consider this option, too, if you have flooding issues in your basement which often come along with power outages. And because a propane powered generator is an option, they can offer extended or even unlimited run time. A 250-gallon tank for stationary units can run 8 to 15 days.

Portable generators usually cost much less than the stationary type and can be stored in your garage or shed until you need it. Many are gasoline powered, but propane portables are available as well and don’t require as much attention to maintaining sustainable fuel supplies. Storing gasoline for long periods of time requires a stabilizing additive, or your generator might not work properly. A portable model propane gas generator uses from four to eight 20-pound tanks of easily stored propane gas a day.

Generators are sold by wattage. So, the first thing you’ll want to consider when selecting your’s is how much energy you’ll need to keep your essential appliances running – refrigerator, well water pump, air conditioning, heat in the winter, and your lights. Typically this means a unit that can generate 8,000 – 10,000 watts. For example, central air alone may use 5,000 watts, refrigerator 725, deep well pump 700, sump pump 600 and a television anywhere from 65 to 340 watts. Remember, your generator is for emergency, temporary use to supply your basic needs until power is restored. To determine your essential need, try the online calculator.

Protect your home and loved ones with a safe, reliable propane gas powered generator.

Propane is one of the cleanest and most versatile energy sources available to homeowners today! Whether you already use propane or are thinking about adding propane to your home, Tevis Propane is the company area homeowners trust most for reliable and responsive propane service.

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