Beautifying Your Propane Tank

November 28th, 2016 by Tevis Propane

We love how propane powers our everyday activities in an environmentally and economically friendly way. But lets face it, the propane tank used to store your fuel is not exactly beautiful. So how can you use propane and still retain your curb appeal?

Safety First

One thing you should not consider is painting your tank a dark color. Dark colors can absorb more sunlight, and cause the gas inside to expand. Don’t worry, there are other great options for concealing your tank.

Be sure to not obstruct access to the tank. Technicians and delivery drivers will need to have a direct path to your tank. Never put any object directly on top of your tank or allow anything to lean on that tank. And it goes without saying that flammable items should be kept clear.


Using flowers, grasses and shrubs can be a great way to beautify your home and conceal your propane tank. Naturally, you don’t want vines climbing on your tank and remember your delivery driver will need to make his way through. But this is a great option to add a pop of color to your yard.



One of the easiest ways to make your tank easier on the eyes is to use decorative fencing.

Concealing Tank


There are many covers on the market. Turn your large propane tank into a huge rock, with a easy to install tank cover. When using covers, be sure to the tank is visible for deliveries and in case of emergencies.

Propane Tank Cover

For small tanks there are many options, wraps like this one of our favorite NFL team are great. Or if you want a custom look, this tank cover from Real Flame is a great edition to a backyard patio.

Keep your home warm and your yard beautiful!

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